Take-5 with the design team behind Arena Saddles: Part 2

Recently, our editor sat down with the design team behind the popular brand, Arena Saddles, to find out their inspiration!

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Making the saddles Beautiful…

When it comes to their tack, riders like it to look simple, elegant and have high-quality details. All Arena Saddles feature:

  • Simple elegance with feminine lines and classic proportions
  • Quality detailing such as the embossed saddle nail and stitched stirrup keeper
  • Finest European leather

Making the saddles Comfortable…

Comfort happens both above and below the saddle. Arena saddles all feature:

  • Ultra-soft seats and knee inserts
  • Perfectly balanced seats, designed specifically to support riders in each discipline
  • Customisable rider support through moveable blocks under the flap
  • A panel with protective cushioning our horses let us know they loved, with softness and freedom from the start of a ride to the end.

Making the saddles Practical…

As an owner of a saddle, it needs to be affordable and trusted to fit our horses correctly now and in the future, no matter what changes may happen as they grow, develop, or even if we welcome a new horse into our barn.

  • Made from the finest quality European leather and crafted with the utmost care and attention.
  • With a worldwide warranty, you can be confident that we stand behind every Arena Saddle.
  • Changeable gullets – plus much more! Arena Saddles feature all of the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology… we call this HART.

Beautiful, Comfortable, Practical…. Perfect?

Absolutely! With all of the above features, it is the saddle riders have been waiting for.

Spoil yourself with a new saddle that you can be proud to own and know it will support you and your horse throughout your journey - always competition ready!

That’s why we often hear, “It’s Perfect for me and my horse, it’s Perfect for us”!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into the Arena Saddles brand, and look forward to sharing more stories with you!

xoxo, Arena Saddles team