Product Review: Arena Jump saddle, taking comfort to new heights!

Charlotte and Ally are a mother-daughter, event riding duo and were given the opportunity to test ride the Arena Jump saddle on their horses Tinkerbell and Raffy. It’s safe to say they’re definitely fans!

We hope their practical insights will make you feel like you’re right there in the saddle too.

First impressions…simply beautiful!

The beauty of the Arena Jump saddle is undeniable. This saddle is a masterpiece, delivering a sleek design while comfortable for both the horse and rider.

“When I first saw the Arena Jump saddle, I thought it looked like really nice quality leather…and I was really keen to try it and see”

Charmed by the quality of the leather and attention to detail in its design, Ally and Charlotte were excited to settle into the saddle and let its comfort and practicality translate into their riding experiences.

Perfect jump saddle seat balance

Ally and Charlotte were pleased with the saddle’s exceptional comfort and the sense of security offered by the seat.

“My first impression when I first sat in the Arena Jump saddle was it was so comfortable and kept me in a really secure position."

Throughout the first ride Charlotte’s initial impression was confirmed too – the jump saddle’s elegance beautifully combines with its comfort, creating a harmonious riding experience. And the perfectly balanced seat kept Charlotte in a secure position on Tinkerbell.

The jumping saddle taking comfort to new heights for horses!

What struck Charlotte the most was the feeling that the saddle wasn’t holding Tinkerbell back in anyway.

“I found that Tinkerbell travelled really well in the saddle when I first got on her. She was really fluent, and I didn’t feel like it was holding her back."

Tinkerbell’s comfort was obvious and translated into a newfound freedom of movement on the flat and over fences.

Ally experienced the same sensation with Raffy,

“He [Raffy] felt really free in his back end and was making that extra little bit of effort… as we went over those jumps."

Total comfort on the flat and over fences

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just starting out, you can saddle up for success and experience total comfort on the flat and over fences with the Arena Jump saddle.

Tune into Ally and Charlotte’s jumping saddle review! Their practical insights will make you feel like you’re right there in the saddle with them.